Naive Bayes

00:00:00Naive Bayes
00:00:25Classification as a core task in NLP
00:01:11Revisiting conditional probability
00:03:26Deriving Bayes' Theorem
00:04:12The parts of Bayes' Theorem
00:05:43A spatial example using Bayes' Theorem
00:07:33Bayes' Theorem applied to text classification
00:08:30The "naive" in Naive Bayes
00:09:34The need to work in log space
00:10:05Naive Bayes training and usage
00:13:27How the "accuracy" metric can go wrong
00:14:10Precision, Recall, and Confusion Matrix
00:17:47DEMO: Training and using a Naive Bayes classifier
00:36:28Naive Bayes recap and other classification models